Cometan is a British religious founder, composer, philosopher and novelist who developed and established Astronism, created the Spacefaring World franchise, and formed the Millettarian tradition of music.

Cometan (born Brandon Reece Taylor, July 1, 1998; later known as Brandon Taylorian) is a British author, Astronic philosopher and composer. Cometan is famous for being the founder of the Millettarian music tradition, also known as the Astronic tradition of music. Cometan’s public life began at the age of just fifteen when he first thought of the idea and dedicated himself to the ambition of becoming an author. With countless revelations and ideations, Cometan’s future vision expanded and he grew in ability to become both a prodigy and an autodidact of philosophy and theology. However, Cometan’s greatest and most famous feat was his founding, establishment and subsequent dissemination of the religion of Astronism.

As a direct consequence of his founding of Astronism and his organisation of the wider Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies, Cometan began to mix his musical interests with his authorial interests. Cometan’s journey to his composership began when he was around ten or eleven years of age. His grandmother, Irene Taylor, who also influenced his religious life, encouraged Cometan to learn to play the piano and organise for him to be taught in her house at 222 Longmeanygate in Leyland, Lancashire.

Cometan would take a steady liking to playing the piano after numerous periods of indecision about whether to continue. He began taking exams and continued with his first teacher until he was about sixteen years old. After this time, his grandmother’s health began to deteriorate leaving Cometan without a venue to pursue his musical interests. Cometan was seventeen when he bought his first piano with his own money. Without a teacher for around one year, he began teaching himself and soon came across composition which he had never been introduced to or encouraged to pursue previously.

After finding a new music school in the town of Chorley, Cometan’s father, Sean Taylor, dedicated every Monday night to take his son to the school for lessons. It was between the age of seventeen to twenty and a half that Cometan progressed quickly in both his practical examinations, music theory, and in his compositional work. It is no coincidence that during this time Cometan was also heavily occupied with writing the Omnidoxy, the founding book of Astronism. Cometan’s founding of Astronism would greatly influence and distinguish not only his authorial and compositional world, but his entire public persona.

With a few compositions created by the time he was nineteen, Cometan applied his newly developed Astronist worldview and myriad of beliefs to the context of music. This emerged and manifested as a distinct ambition to found his own tradition of music thematised on Astronist ideas and notions. This involved the creation of a unique terminology associated with his compositions and their structures as well as astronomically-themed titles applied to all his works. Cometan went on to develop his tradition of music which would become known as the Millettarian music tradition. Cometan’s most well-known work is classified as what he termed as an amassory, a series of ten compositions compiled together, the first example of which is known as The Cosmicusy from which Cometan gained his fame. The most famous invoment (a single composition of an amassory) which is also Cometan’s first compositional effort was titled The Grand Cosmos. As of 2019, Cometan is just 21 years old so it is expected that many more achievements will come from this composer, especially as he dedicates himself to further developing the Millettarian music tradition.

Cometan has become famous worldwide for his identity as a thinker and writer on the subject of astronomy and humanity’s spacefaring future. Cometan’s beliefs have been and will surely continue to be reflected in all formats of his creative work, one such format are his musical compositions. Cometan has become a cultural icon as well as a significant religious figure bringing youth and vibrancy to the subject. Cometan’s dedication to developing the Millettarian music tradition also points to the importance of music within Astronic culture and also opens up multiple dialogues regarding the role of music in relation to Astronist beliefs and practices.

Cometanic Quotes

“My faith is strongest when the night sky is clear.”

“World, do what you wish with my philosophy, but remember, it will always be mine.”

“Do what is unexpected of you.”

“The Omnidoxy will reveal my philosophy to the world, and it shall encapsulate its ideas forevermore.”

“Your faith should prove itself to you.”

“I have fallen in love with The Cosmos and all of the possibilities it does hold.”